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Home Learning

Given that learning from home can be either a matter of necessity or choice, Writing to Win supports students learning from home in several ways.

  • Students are restricted to learning from home temporarily during a pandemic such as Covid-19 or local health outbreaks. They continue to participate with their classes with home access to Writing to Win Applied Grammar or Writing on Demand online.
  • Students are permanently homebound and wish to participate in the Writing to Win online routines of a nearby school .
  • Parents see that one of the Writing to Win instructional routines gives their students the ability to apply the knowledge covered in class in ways unavailable during the school day. 

Writing to Win offers three routines to complement your teacher’s reading and writing curriculum:

Using our three Writing to Win routines only requires home learners to have an internet connection, a device with a keyboard, and user name and password to access assignments on a Writing to Win online classroom. 

Parents in the first two groups contact their local school district for access, assignments, and reports. Parents in the last group purchase access at www.writingtowin.com  and follow the procedures on the website dashboard for using all webinars, videos, and instructional tools that make the routine work for their students.

If you are in search of access to home learning options, check out our Writing to Win routines for teaching your students at home no matter the circumstance!

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