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Integrated Reading and Writing Strategies for Charter, Public, and Private Schools

Three complimentary& instructional routines

Our routines help Public and Private school teachers solve three perenial challenges in teaching and learning.


The challenges: teaching students to use …

W2Win routines

… mature grammatical patterns that they study in their independent writing

Applied Grammar

… the vocabulary of ELA, math, science, and social studies standards in speaking and writing.

Writing on Demand

… the writing process to respond  to reading texts with ease and insight

Paired Texts Packets

*Complementary (to complete or bring to perfection) – instructional routines that help teachers teach what they already teach more efficiently and effectively.


Applied Grammar Routine

This instructional routine delivers a complete language program called Sentence Building. It covers all language standards of every U.S. state or private curriculum. Unlike other language programs, it ensures that the phrases and types of sentence structure that students study show up in their independent writing. Solving sentence-combining puzzles make learning grammatical patterns both challenging and fun. The written (print) or keyboarding (online) practice presents the challenge; the oral and kinesthetic (hand motions) practice adds the fun. The value add is increased scores of reading comprehension and written expression Writing Next, 2007. W2Win Sentence Building is the only complete sentence-combining program available.

For 20-30 minutes twice a week for 18-20 weeks, the impact on grades 1-12 students is evident in class and on end-of-year tests.
Learn more about our Applied Grammar Routine and its impact on study learning.

Typically, teachers practice Sentence Building in print (grade 1-2) and online (grades 3-11).

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Writing on Demand Routine

The Writing on Demand routine solves the challenge of helping every student master the vocabulary of their state’s ELA, math, science, and social studies standards. This simple but rigorous system of writing consists of a toolkit of critical-thinking writing strategies. Each strategy is designed to engage students in writing short, daily vocabulary-building entries. Each entry concludes with student self-assessment and PAL’s response.

In line with the research of the 90-90-90 schools 2000 and Writing Next, 2007, the Writing on Demand system of writing increases student performance in grades 1-11. Classroom action data shows that writing a minimum of three times a week for 15 weeks increases scores on tests of knowledge in all core content areas.

Learn more about our Writing on Demand routine and its impact on student learning.

Typically, Writing on Demand is a standard part of the PreK-12 curriculum in one or more of the core subject areas (math, reading, science, or social studies).

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Paired Texts Packets Routine

Paired Texts Packets solve the challenge of integrating the many pieces of reading instruction with the steps of the writing process. Each packet is built around two content-rich texts written at the top end of the Lexile band for each of grades 3-12. Teachers move small groups of students through three 30-minutes sessions for three weeks.

In weeks 1-2, students experience reading comprehension tasks differentiated at four levels as well as selected and constructed-response items for each text. In week 3, teachers use the strategies and tools of the Prewriting, Revision, and Evaluation modules to ease students through the steps of the writing process.

In line with the research of the National Writing Project 1982-present, Hattie 2013, and Marzano 2005, the completion of 2-3 Paired Texts Packets increases students’ performance on end-of-year tests of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and extended writing, grades 3-11.

Learn more about our Paired Texts Packets routine and its impact on student learning.

Typically, teachers of grades 3-11 use the packets as benchmarks for their instruction in the informational, narrative, and opinion / argument genres. Whether your state tests students’ extended responses to paired texts or not, Paired Texts Packets help your students cover your state standards of the writing process and reading comprehension.

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